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Silk is a very soft, luxurious fabric that is both versatile & durable. Created from natural proteins, silk is strong, and possesses some of the most sort after traits of today’s modern fabrics. Our spun silk is available in Ivory which makes it ideal for formal dress shirts.

Benefits of silk:

  • Silk is breathable. It keeps you cool on hot days and through warm nights.
  • Silk has impressive moisture wicking properties, keeping you dry and comfortable in any climate, year-round.
  • Silk is hypoallergenic, and won’t irritate sensitive skin.
  • Silk is lightweight and soft, making it easy to layer under daywear.
  • Silk has a natural luster from its smooth threads, giving a beautiful appearance.
  • Silk does not create static, so it does not cling or crease easily as cotton would.
  • Silk fibers are naturally elastic, and can stretch up to 20% without breaking.

Please take care as some silk fabric qualities and colours may be susceptible to colour leaching if worn in rain and abrasion if rubbed against sharp objects. This specific silk fabric is not pre-shrunk.

Care instructions:

The recommended care instruction for all silk fabric qualities is DRY CLEAN ONLY. Machine washing is not recommended. Silk maybe hand washed at the buyers own risk. If hand washing is carried out the fabric/garment should be washed separately in cool water using a gentle washing powder. Silk fabrics should not be spun/Tumble dried but laid flat on clean dry towel or line dried out of direct sunlight. Fabrics should not be steamed but pressed on reverse side with cool iron only.

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1 review for Spun silk ivory

  1. marine.capt.xuan

    I bought several lengths of this silk for shirts, because I had always wanted bespoken silk shirts. I was told, by many, that this would be a very foolish idea, because of a certain stereotypical notion of how silk would behave. It turns out to be all wrong, and I – and Acorn – was right. The shirts are very breathable, very comfortable, and for some reason, very adaptable to the temperature and environment as well – cool during heat and warm during cold – which makes for excellent all around shirt fabric. It also tends to wick moisture away instead of soaking it all in, so not as much sweat stains and such. It also tends to roll off a lot of rain droplets before it gets soaked, so there is some mild water-repellence to it as well. It can be laundered in cold and mild settings, using all natural silk detergent or hair shampoo – in a pinch, even wool shampoo will do as well – so the shirts are just fantastic. However, the downside is that one really has to press these shirts with authority after laundry to get them back to shape and size.

    All in all, a silk fabric worth paying for, and then some more.

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