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If there’s one shirt that should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe, it’s a striped shirt. As one of the most stylish and flattering styles, the striped shirt looks good on everyone.

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Stylish striped fabrics ideal for cotton shirts

All our stripes are yarn dyed to give a deep clear coloured stripe. At Acorn Fabrics, we stock dozens of striped fabrics in the most stylish of colour palettes and widths. We also have stripes in a variety of different qualities ranging from formal looking striped poplins to more casual Oxford stripes. We’re sure you’ll find something you like – but if you can’t decide which stripe to go for, we’ve written a handy guide to striped fabric.

With yarn dyeing, the individual yarns are dyed before the fabric is woven, creating a reliable consistency and quality in the colour of the material. The effectiveness of this method is particularly evident with the superior fabric types we stock here at Acorn, as you can see from a quick glance at any of our inventory of striped shirts above!

The versatility of striped shirts is one of their most useful characteristics. Shirting fabrics like our solid fabrics look fantastic, but they’re not suitable for every occasion. If you’re unsure of the dress code for the day, striped shirts straddle a comfortable line; they’re reserved enough for formal occasions, but varied enough in their design to allow for a bit of personal expression in more casual settings.

It’s important to dress to suit your body type, which means being careful about which stripes you pick. Vertical stripes have the well-known effect of making a person look taller, while horizontal stripes are useful for making taller, thinner men broader in the chest. There’s no clear cut rule for everyone, but make sure you choose stripes that complement your body type.

A final rule to remember; don’t wear striped ties with your striped shirts. It’s one of those golden fashion rules that’s broken all too often – it can blur the outlines of your suit, and undercut the whole effect.