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Our Tartan fabrics are all based on traditional designs which have represented various clans for 100’s of years. Unlike the original Tartan fabrics which were woven with wool yarns this is a light weight 100% cotton version.

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Quality Tartan patterned fabrics

One of Scotlands most enduring national symbols is the tartan pattern. It originated with the legendary Scottish clans, soon becoming an integral part of the average Highlander’s everyday clothing. They used their clan patterns not only to distinguish friend or foe, but also to develop their clan’s sense of identity; soon, other tartan patterns were developed for mourning or hunting, as well as a variety of other ceremonial purposes. Starting off simple, tartan was born as a two-coloured check made up of colours determined by local plants that were used for dyes. Today’s tartans are often much brighter in colour and typically make more of a statement. Designs can differ though, dependent on the colour used and width of stripes, which can create quite a different finish.

Our own Gordon Tartan Fabric is a lightweight cotton version, a strong and vibrant colour that appropriately honours its ancient heritage.

If you have any Scottish heritage, wearing tartan can be a fantastic way to honour that, as indeed many do. However, different ancestry is far from a barrier to wearing it. It’s a brilliantly simple way of injecting a bit of colour into your wardrobe without going overboard, and its sheer variety of different styles and patterns make it an extremely versatile material, wherever and however you wear it. You can read more about the best ways to wear tartan here.

If there’s one pattern that never seems to age it’s tartan. Suited to all age groups, tartan shirting can be dressed up and down and worn to more formal events or punk rock concerts; it’s no wonder it’s a staple in many men’s wardrobes. While fashionable, getting the look just right can be a little difficult. Often, all you need is just a hint of the Highlands to carry off tartan in style.