Voile, Batiste, Silk & Chambray

Thin semi-transparent cotton voile fabric ideal for pleating, the body of dress shirts and blouses. Also the less sheer, lightweight cotton batistes with their characteristic softer feel perfect for your summer wardrobe.

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Specialist cotton Voile, Batiste fabrics and Spun silk

Voile is a specialised fabric as it is vert transparent so it lends itself to pleating, for example a pleated front of a dress shirt. The body of dress shirts can be made of voile with a non-transparent fabric for the bib front and cuffs. A pique like the Marcella or a white on white self-design like the Malham 80 white would be perfect. Having the body made in voile means the wearer can keep a jacket on without getting too hot which is often a problem in very formal situations.

The Zephyr or Batiste is not as Transparent as Voile but is still lightweight and softer than most poplins which makes it perfect for summer shirts. All the Zephyr designs are yarn dyed and have a similar amount of threads in the Weft and the Warp which gives a very clear and well defined check.

Silk is a very soft, luxurious fabric that is both versatile & durable. Created from natural proteins, silk is strong, and possesses some of the most sort after traits of today’s modern fabrics. Our spun silk is available in Ivory which makes it ideal for formal dress shirts.