Indigo Twills

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Indigo Twills

Indigo Twills

Any colour as long as it’s blue…

On the cover of British GQ for February, Eddie Redmayne is wearing an indigo blue twill shirt illustrating that the darker blue fabric is still popular for men’s shirts this season.

Twills have always been a popular choice.The weave gives the fabric a texture and a surface that enhances it’s appearance when light catches it, giving it a great lustre and sheen.

The twill lines also give the fabric a nice handle as your fingers run with the diagonal when feeling the quality of the fabric.

The construction aids the fabric recover from winkles which means that  you don’t stay creased all day.

Twills are extremely versatile too as they can be used in a dressier formal shirt when used with the high sheen face side showing, or if the reverse face is used, you get a more casual look.

The smaller, finer yarn twills tend to have a higher sheen and therefore are used more for dress shirts. The bulkier yarn twills have a bulkier, more casual appearance. At the moment, indigo and denim are popular, so the  darker colours – used on the reverse, are the perfect look as 2016 begins.

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