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our recommended shirting fabrics for the racing season feature image

Our Recommended Shirting Fabrics For The Racing Season

Posted on: 26th Apr, 2017

Springtime is almost in full swing, and the racing season has gotten off to a flying start with the Grand National this month. It’s only ...

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Our Favourite Summer Fabrics For 2017

Posted on: 18th Apr, 2017

We hope you’re enjoying the improved springtime weather! We certainly are here at Acorn Fabrics, which is why our blog last week took you through ...

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Things To Think About When Choosing Shirting Fabrics

Posted on: 7th Apr, 2017

We posted recently on some of the key aspects to consider when choosing a bespoke shirt. We had another think about it recently and realised ...

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How To Revitalise Your Style This Spring

Posted on: 30th Mar, 2017

Though it seems to have taken forever, finally the days are brightening and the rain is easing up as we start moving into spring. It ...

what to consider when choosing shirting fabrics feature image

What To Consider When Choosing Shirting Fabrics

Posted on: 24th Mar, 2017

We know that it can be difficult to choose the right fabric for your shirts. There’s a lot of information to know about the characteristics ...

the smoothest in cinema the styles of james bond feature image

The Smoothest In Cinema: The Styles Of James Bond

Posted on: 10th Mar, 2017

There are few characters in the history of cinema with such an enduring sartorial legacy as Bond. Fast cars, beautiful women, he is the epitome ...

the style of the oscars how to look your best in a tuxedo

The Style Of The Oscars: How To Look Your Best In A Tuxedo

Posted on: 8th Mar, 2017

With last weeks Oscars still a hot topic of discussion, we thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the perfect tuxedos. There ...

the look of love how to dress your best on valentines day

The Look Of Love: How To Dress Your Best On Valentine’s Day

Posted on: 14th Feb, 2017

First impressions are everything. It’s something that’s drummed into us all from an early age, and it applies doubly to clothes, as they’re a crucial ...

let’s jazz: looking at shirting styles in la la land

Looking At Shirting Styles And Fabrics In La La Land

Posted on: 6th Feb, 2017

As one of the most highly critically lauded films of 2016, La La Land boasts some fantastic acting, an engaging story and some pretty catchy ...

Style and Seasons: Why The Weave Of Your Fabric Matters Feature Image

Style and Seasons: Why The Weave Of Your Fabric Matters

Posted on: 30th Jan, 2017

At Acorn, we provide a lot of technical detail on our webpages about the weave and construction of our shirts; the better to help you ...