The anatomy of a bespoke shirt

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The anatomy of a bespoke shirt

If you’ve looking for a shirt that’s both stylish and specially designed for you, our bespoke shirting fabric is exactly what you need. The advantage of bespoke shirting over any of the type is that it’s made from scratch, using your own measurements. The result is a shirt that fits you perfectly. There are no compromises to make – as there are with a ready to wear shirt – and you’ll be left with a piece that is perfect for you.

With a bespoke shirt, every single feature of the shirt is designed for you – from the collar to the armhole. While most ready to made shirts rely on a single measurement of the neck – which influences the measurement of all the aspects of the shirt; with a bespoke design each part is individually measured. This is essential if you want something that fits well. After all, we’re not all the same body type and very few of us would be able to describe our shape as average, which is essentially the anatomy of a ready to made shirt.

Personalised shirts for you

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The bespoke shirt takes many details into account, including:

  • The collar size
  • The armhole size. When it comes to the armholes, you’ll see key a difference in bespoke shirting. While ready to wear shirts are often cut generously here – leaving loose fabric – a bespoke shirt is cut to your size.
  • Arm length – and any differences in length of arm. We’re not always symmetrical!
  • Other measurements, including the breadth of chest, width of shoulders, roundness of stomach and length of the torso. There’s no averaging out of measurements with a bespoke shirt.
  • The way you wear your shirt. A tailor will consider how long your shirt needs to be to tuck into your trousers as well as features like your watch and its size, which will make a difference to the size of a shirt’s cuff.
  • Personal choice of fabric and colour. One of the best things about a bespoke shirt is that you get to choose the exact fabric used and the exact colour. There’s no need to compromise on shirt colour just because it’s the right fabric. You can pick something that’s the perfect weight, texture, colour and pattern. Of course, at Acorn Fabrics, you’ll find 100s of shirting fabrics to choose from in colours and style to meet every need. You can shop our whole range of cotton fabrics here.
  • The little details. Whether you want statement buttons, a handy pocket or a trendy cuff, you can have it. With a bespoke shirt, you can create whatever style of shirt you like.

If you’re new to bespoke shirting, why not shop our clearance collection? These fabrics are old favourites that are now on offer – and are a great choice for those looking for something both bespoke and affordable. Shop the clearance fabric collection here.

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