Why Go Royal?

Posted On: Thursday, September 20th, 2012 0 comments
Why go royal

Our latest incarnation of the 150cms(60″) range card  for Classic Shirtings this Autumn will feature a new quality called “Royal Pinpoint”. We have offered (and will continue to offer) a standard Pinpoint in both 36″ & 60″ width fabrics for many years – its a classic fabric characterised by its small pin dot weave and its robust durability. Our standard pinpoint uses two fold 80’s yarns which are coarser, thicker yarns that yield that heavier, hard wearing, button down staple. It washes well and in fact its properties are enhanced after laundering.

Our new addition to the range is produced using the finer count two fold 100’s yarns that feature in many of our other fabrics. The Royal Pinpoint maintains all the characteristics of the standard pinpoint but the finer yarns used enhance these traits, resulting in a pinpoint that has a weight and a toughness that you would expect but yet it is soft and silky to the touch.

The Royal pinpoint will only be available in the 150cms(60″) width and is in stock now

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