Choosing the right collar

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white shirt collar

We all know how important it is to wear the right collar size and choose an appropriately fitted shirt; but what about the finer details, such as the shape and style of your collar? From the popular forward point to the trendy button down – we take a look at all the best collar styles and share our top tips.

Every little detail counts

Perhaps a shirt’s collar is an important feature of your shirt-buying process, or maybe you never bother to give it a second-look. Whatever you think about finer details like the collar, here are some features to look out for:

  • Collar points – the tips of the collar
  • Collar point lengths
  • Collar band
  • Collar height
  • The middle space – where your tie sits
  • The spread – distance between the tips of your collar

Together, these features can create completely different looks – resulting in collars that are more formal, trendy, or relaxed.


Popular collar styles: Which one is for you?


The forward point: Best for everyday wear

blue striped shirt with forward point collar

The forward point collar is the most popular style you’ll find. It features sharper end points and has a close width between the end points too – meaning the top point of your tie is easily hidden. Traditional and suitable for the majority of occasions, work or play, it’s the go-to for most men.

Suited to: Most face shapes

Not ideal for: Narrow face shapes


The button down: Best for the smart/casual look

blue checked shirt with button down collar

The button down collar is a little bit trendier than the forward point. With each side of the collar fastened to your shirt with a button, you needn’t worry about your collar being out of place. Unlike the forward point, which looks best paired with a tie, the button-down collar can be worn with or without. Whether you’re heading to a business meeting or going out for a slap-up meal, this style of collar is perfect.

Suited to: All face types


The wing collar: Best for a tuxedo

shirt wing collar

If you’re heading to a special event or gala ball, the wing collar is exactly what you’ll need. Designed specifically for formal occasions, the collar features tips that sit flat – resembling wings. Team with a bow tie and tuxedo for the ultimate formal look.

Suited to: All face shapes


The club: Best for the stylish look

rounded club shirt collar

While the club collar has only a few subtle differences in its style, it offers a completely different look. Featuring a rounded collar, this style of shirt collar has become extremely popular with the in-crowd and elite. The overall look is reminiscent of your favourite Fred Perry or Ralph Lauren polo shirt and promised a look that’s trendy, smart, and a little bit posh!

Suited to: Narrow face shapes

Not ideal for: Round face shapes


Once you’ve decided on your preferred style, why not choose the perfect shirt fabric to match? We have over 500 shirting materials to choose from in a variety of colours. If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, have a read of our advice articles on the blog or give us a call on 01282 698662.


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