What is cotton pique fabric?

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What is pique fabric?

At Acorn Fabrics, we stock dozens of shirting materials. We’ve got lighter fabrics, such as linens, through to formal fabrics like pique and just about everything in between. If you’re new to bespoke shirting, you may find yourself questioning which fabric best suits your needs. So, if you’ve found yourself asking, “What is pique?” this is the article for you. From when you should wear it to the Acorn Fabrics pique collection – we’ve got it all covered in today’s blog…

Pique fabric and its origins

Black Pique fabric

Pique, otherwise known as Marcella, has its origins in the 18th century. Developed up north, by the Lancashire cotton industry, the fabric was developed using a mechanised technique or weaving double cloth with an enclosed cording weft. While originally used for imitation pieces of the corded Provençal quilts, made in Marseille, by the mid 20th century pique became a key material in men’s fashion.

What are its characteristics?

white pique fabric

Pique’s weave features cotton yarn characterised by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing. This gives the material a subtle pattern and texture – which can only be seen up close. Textures and patterns vary across pique shirting too. You’ll find some with a cord structure, others with waffle or honeymoon structures, and even birds eye piques. These textures are created using a slightly different manufacturing process to add depth to the original pique design.

What is it used for?

pique shirting fabric

Pique is used in sportswear and formal cotton shirt fabrics, demonstrating its versatility. It is commonly used for polo shirts – worn for fashion purposes or in golfing – as well as white tie events. Of course, it’s the style of the shirting that makes it suitable for one or the other. A casual cut, short-sleeved polo shirt is suited to sports while the long sleeve formal shirt is best suited to white tie events.

The popular material boasts a lot of fantastic qualities. It’s breathable, durable and easily cared for and has excellent give and comfort. Its breathable nature also ensures that any wearers of pique stay cool. Furthermore, the textured weave is great at hiding all those perspiration stains. So, whether you’re enjoying an active game of golf or layered up for your white tie event, you can rely on pique fabric to keep you feeling comfortable and looking great.

Pique fabric at Acorn Fabrics

There are two pique fabrics to choose from at Acorn Fabrics. We’ve got the material available in black pique fabric and in plain white piquet fabric, both materials featuring the heavy waffle weave. The fancy structure makes it perfect for dress shirts but can be used to make casual summer jackets, dresses and waistcoats too. How you decide to use our pique fabric is totally up to you!

If you’re keen to give our pique fabric a try, why not request a fabric sample? Fill in the form on our contact page and we’ll send you your required samples right away.

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